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FujiFilm FinePix F10 review

The FinePix F10  is a bit of a departure for Fuji. While it uses the SuperCCD HR sensor like many other Fuji cameras of late, it does different things with the extra data collected by the sensor. Where previous digital cameras using this sensor would use the SuperCCD sensor to create high resolution (12MP) images, the FinePix F10 uses it for low noise high ISO shooting. In other words, the camera can shoot at 6.3 Megapixels at ISO 1600 -- something no other point-and-shoot camera can do. Gone is the option to shoot at 12MP, though I won't miss it personally since the image quality just wasn't there.
Other features on the F10 include a compact metal body, a 3X zoom lens, a large 2.5" LCD display, and a unique "natural light mode" for taking sharp pictures in lower light conditions without having to resort to the flash.
How does this unique camera perform? Find out now in our review!
What's in the Box?
The FinePix F10 has an average bundle. Inside the box, you'll find:
Fuji includes a 16MB xD card with the camera, which holds a grand total of three images at the highest quality setting. So you should plan on buying a larger card right away. xD cards are currently available as large as 1GB, and I think 256MB or even 512MB are good starter sizes for most people. Be warned that xD cards tend to be more expensive than CompactFlash and SD cards.
The NP-120 lithium-ion rechargeable battery included with the FinePix F10 packs a punch, with 7.0 Wh of energy. That translates into an excellent CIPA battery life score of 500 shots per charge, which is higher than just about every other camera on the market, big or small.
I should mention the downside to proprietary batteries like the one used by the F10. For one, they're expensive, with this one costing at least $40 for a spare. Secondly, you can't just drop in a set of alkaline batteries when the rechargeable dies like you could on a camera that uses AA batteries.
When it's time to charge the NP-120 camera battery you plug the included AC adapter into the terminal adapter and four hours later you're set. What is the terminal adapter, you ask? I'll explain later. If you want an external battery charger, Fuji would be happy to sell you one for a whopping $60.

On the bottom of the F10 you'll find the speaker, tripod mount, and battery/xD Picture Card compartment. It's a shame that after building such a nice metal camera that Fuji cheaped out by using a plastic tripod mount and flimsy plastic door over the battery/memory compartment.
The included NP-120 battery is shown at right. It's pretty big, though the photo makes it look larger than it really is.

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Finally this camera repreents a major move for Fuji. After years of trying to hype up interest in their digital cameras with SuperCCD claims of 12 MPs etc But falling completely short with excess noise, Fuji has come out with a decent camera this time. Fujifilm Finepix F10 compares very well to the 7MP cameras like the Canon PowerShot SD500 digital camera and the Sony P200 and in some cases even better results than the Nikon Coolpix 7900, Sony 150. I think its closest competitor is the Casio Exilim EX-Z750 which although priced slightly higher than the Fuji has some really compelling features.

Here are the PROS

1) It has a nice sturdy metal body, although not as sleek as and thicker than the Canon SD line.
2) Low noise although has purple fringing on some pictures.
3) Low light: Actually usable ISO 1600 setting. In some cases this eliminates the need for the the image stablization.
4) Very good ...

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